Our Equipment

kansas city tree service crane 40 ton maintex 40124 for tree removal

We wholeheartedly believe that the best equipment combined with the right personnel make for the best tree crews. We truly strive to provide all of our clients with the best service possible. That’s why we are continually adding to keep our fleet of equipment and trucks. Please take a moment to look over some of the tools and equipment that will be used on your project.

kansas city tree services crane setup-1We have multiple cranes that allow us to provide you with a no impact tree removal. This is our 40 ton crane. It has 142 feet of boom. We can safely lift entire trees from 80 ft away.
kansas city tree services bobcat loader for trtee removalOur bobcats are specially designed to cross turf with heavy loads and not damage the grass. We make sure that all of our all wheel steer bobcats have turf friendly tires. We want to leave your yard better than we found it.
kansas city tree service company mini skidsteer vermeerOur mini skidsteers allow us to maneuver into tight spots and pick up heavy loads. Most of our minis fit into back yards and can pick up a couple thousand pounds.
kansas city stump grinding in kansas cityWe have an array of stump grinders. They range in size from 25HP to 100 Hp. All of our stump grinders have the ability to easily maneuver through a standard 36” backyard gate.
kansas city tree service chipperWhen it comes to wood chippers we like to say “the bigger the better”. We truly love a high Horse Power high capacity chipper. This one pictured here is our go to model. It is a 300HP Vermeer that is capable of eating a 20 inch diameter log with ease.
kansas city tree truckA high capacity chipper truck is essential for a productive tree removal crew. We operate 25 cubic yard chipper trucks and larger.

kansas city tree service hard hat communicator
Communication is very very important in our industry. So is safety. They go hand in hand. All of our operators and Tree climbers hard hats are equipped with Bluetooth communicators. These allow them to stay in constant communication while running noisy chippers, bobcats and chainsaws.