Emergency Tree Removal

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Have a Prob-limb?
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Emergency Tree RemovalDo you have an emergency situation with a tree that has fallen on your house, garage, deck, fencing etc.? Arbormax Tree Service is here to assist you with any emergency tree situation that may arise. We offer emergency tree services to Raleigh and all of its surrounding areas 24/7.

Combinations of high winds, rain, ice and snow can cause a tree to fail at any time due to the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Needing emergency tree work can be an overwhelming process with the saturated market of tree companies that claim to help in an emergency situation. Many of these companies are quick to boast of their 24/7 emergency services, while not able or prepared to safely handle every emergency tree service situation.

Let Arbormax Tree Service ease your mind during this emergency process. We employ a staff of trained professionals that on average have 50 times more experience with emergency situations than the typical tree service employee. We are ready to be deployed to your house on a moment’s notice. We here at Arbormax have company owned cranes with certified operators that are on call to assist with dangerous and hazardous tree removal.

Over the years we have been there for thousands of clients in emergency situations. Working closely with customers all the way through the process is our specialty. From the initial call all the way through the insurance claims process. We will be there for you and all your emergency tree service needs.

Storm Recovery Division

Storms can cause catastrophic damage and upset the balance of normal everyday life. Out of everything we do here at Arbormax, we pride ourselves on our history in helping people after disasters. We come together as a community to help those who have lost everything. Whether it was Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, Virginia after Hurricane Isabel or Oklahoma after the crippling 2007 Ice storm we were there with chainsaws in hand. We have been to more storms than any other tree service. Arbormax is the nation’s leader in residential storm recovery and emergency tree service. We have been fortunate enough to help clients after every major storm since Hurricane Fran. Below is a list of notable storms and emergency projects that we were a part of.

  • Hurricane Fran 1996
  • Hurricane Floyd 1999
  • Carolina ICE storm 2002
  • Hurricane Isabel VA 2003
  • Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma 2005
  • Oklahoma City ICE storm 2007
  • Raleigh Tornado 2011
  • Hurricane IRENE VA, MD, 2011
  • Derecho Event Washington DC 2012
  • Hurricane Sandy NJ, NY 2012
  • Triad Ice storm 2014
  • Hurricane Mathew NC 2016
  • Hurricane Irma FL 2017
  • Hurricane Harvey FL 2017
  • Hurricane Florence NC 2018
  • Hurricane Michael FL 2018