Our Team

Some of our team members.

Tim Meet Tim, he is the third of our four generations of tree guys. If tree work was a video game he would be the boss at the end. He has dedicated his entire life to his craft and has reached the pinnacle of his profession. Tim is a Board Certified Master Arborist, CTSP, Utility Arborist, Certified Crane operator and all around good guy. When he isn’t up a tree you will find him on the rugby pitch playing, coaching youth football or spending time with his five awesome kids.

RichardRichard is the operations manager here at Arbormax. He holds a black belt in removing trees and we like to call him the Chuck Norris of the tree service industry. Richard is a hardcore paintballer. If there is a paintball tournament anywhere close you can bet you will find him there. He is the very proud daddy to a beautiful little girl named Delila and husband to an awesome wife Dani.

BrettMeet Brett, He is an absolutely amazing tree climber. We sometimes jokingly call him the squirrel master because he can climb a tree as fast as a squirrel. All joking aside Brett is a really great guy and a hard worker. in his spare time you will find him carving sculptures with chainsaws. They are pretty good too.
Jeff is another nut off the same tree as Tim. He is also the third generation to be an arborist. Just like his cousins, uncles and grandpa Jeff is an all around tree guy. He was raised to be one. There is nothing he can not do on a jobsite. Jeff enjoys recreational tree climbing and spending time with his three kids on the weekend.
The picture says it all. Chad is a really nice guy that makes the work day go by quick. His smile and jokes really keep the work place fun. He is another all around tree guy. He climbs most days but also has the capability to run all of the equipment and really knows his way around a chainsaw. Chad enjoys mingling with the ladies and dancing on the weekend.
Taylan is an aspiring Arborist. She recently won a state forestry competition for her middle school. She is one of Tim’s Five amazing children. When Taylan isn’t in school you will find her on the rugby field.
Timmy Jr
This is Timmy Jr. He is the future of our company. There is nothing he loves more than trees. His main goal in life is to win the international tree climbing championships. He rec climbs every chance he gets.